Sunday, 12 June 2011

Summer Fair...

Today I did my first summer fair of the year... and it was raining all day which put a big sad face over things, but there is lots more fairs which I am taking part in this summer and very exited about.
I have to say I do like doing Christmas fairs, I think they have a great excitement to them, with all the music and happy faces. However I have enjoyed making some new things for the summer.

Just a few images of the new summer things, just got to wish me luck for the other fairs !!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Happy 18th Birthday Harriet

This weekend was my little cousins 18th birthday... and what a fab time we had.
As a surprise we made her a family tree cake, Everyone got together with Harriet... and created there own face!!
It was a fab night and laughed lots.
I made the frame from a cupcake stand and sewed fely leafs all over...
Here is some pic's. I hope you like

We even made the animals a cupcake :)

I had a fab time... Happy Birthday Harriet xxx

Monday, 30 May 2011

Finding lots of new ideas...

I love looking for new ideas of thing I could make, I love working with felt and making lots of things. I love hand sticking all my work and adding lots of detail in to them.
Look what I found ...

Just a few Images I have found which i really like, I cant wait to get working on some new things to sell this summer :) I have lots of summer fairs coming up just hope that the sun comes out so we can enjoy the summer fair outside and not be in the dinner hall.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

I am in love with finding new people to look at... New today

I love looking at new people and today I have found lots, yes it is Easter Sunday and I am very sad to be doing work but this has to be done for me to finish for the summer.

Happy Love Rosie

Se sells some very nice things and all have a vintage look to them, I have to say I have fallen in love with her website and Blog.

Poppy Treffy

Another Fab person, very vintage, very me!! They make your own packs which I am very interested in as i am working on packing all my things up and i feel she doses it in a great way.

One very nice example of make your own bunting !! I am very interested in making my own!!!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Whats been going on so far this Easter holidays...

As you know from the last blog, I am trying to get all the work finished to be handed in when we get back after the break.
I am finding this hard as the sun has been shinning so much but it needs to be done. Has been thinking more and more about getting my own vintage style shops.. been looking at lots of new blogs/websites too.
I have fallen in love with one very dotty little business called...... Dots ands Stops
They are fab, It has mad me want my dream more!!!
She makes lots of fab things and also collects vintage furniture which I too collect.
I have even tryed to clean out my art room but finding it very hard to part with things as all m stuff is taking over the house!!
Image of the dots and stops company set up for a show.

I have also very happy to say I have finished half my order and new packaging has been added, which i think make them stand out more.

Above a picture of a finished package keyring :)

well I better leave it there for today as have lots of things to do as you all know
well bye for now...
Rosie xx

Monday, 18 April 2011

Review of “The Reading Room”

I have to say I did enjoy looking around the second years exhibition named the reading room. I even took a look around more than once to soak up lots of different things. I loved the fact that the exhibition had a feel of an old school room, I felt this was the argument of the props which was used such as the tables, chest of draws; it had a very “vintage” feel, which I love.
The first thing I saw was a bear head which reminded me very much of a dear head on a wall in a stately home, the bear was very much up my street, made with different tweed fabrics, which to me linked again the “expensive” look which would be seen within a grand home. The different fabric to me showed texture of skin. I did very much like.
The layout was very interesting in how they had been placed and placed with. I felt that the work went down in sizes and also created lines and rows, everything seemed to flow and linked and a group even though it was all spate work. I felt the placement was interesting for example using bird box, having people to get involved, look closer with looking in to the bird boxes.
The table in the middle of the room I was mostly drawn to, I felt the handmade little books and also the books that had been worked over was very interesting to me, I felt that the images in the little handmade book told story’s in which you can create yourself. I felt the way the images where laced of the paper where interesting they told different stories I felt that just coped and pasted in to the centre of all the pages.
With the handmade little books which I loved there was a book which had been worked over, lighted works which were important to tell other story’s from the original which was a classic well known story.

I felt this work had a very Sara Fanelli fell to it something I am very much interested in and wanting to work this more, this idea of working over books which already exist I think it a great idea. The images used change the story and have a funny side, for example to photo above of the granny.
I felt the second year reading room was fab and can’t wait to see the next one at Dewsbury museum.

Easter holidays, 2 weeks to get lots of work finished...

Easter holidays had started but I will not be socking up the sun, I have lots of work to do.
But i am very exited about easter and have found this amazing easter tree. Thought i would share...

How amazing is this, it also gives me lots if new ideas :)

keep watching this space as there will be lots of new things popping up on it

Rosie xx

Friday, 1 April 2011

The " Perfect Little Red Riding Hood"

I thought I would add a few images of the work i have been doing over the past week, I have been playing around with other people in my groups work and trying to make them link in to mine and twisting my "perfect Little Red Riding Hood" work.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

"Little Red Riding Hood"

For the last few weeks i have been looking at re-telling the story of little red ridin hood in other ways, I thought  i would make this short and sweet by just adding a few images of my work!
Images played around with in my book.

Then well thinking about how i could makt these images 3d and stand out i worked with others and blow up work and took it out side in the the tree , to see how this would look.

We played around and fell that we need to take more but in a wood setting like a park local to us.

Friday, 18 March 2011


I thought I would share a view images of some of my things from the last 3 week project called transport. I very much enjoyed this , and once I had got in to it I felt the work just kept coming.
Ryan Air Necklace
Easy jet Necklace
Felt Bus Pass
London Bus Necklace

I will upload more photos of work I am working on at the moment.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Museum of Childhood

Well in London I went to a numeracy of places, I very much enjoyed myself just socking up the London way of life. Looking in pop up shops or studios of local artist which are living the artist life.
Out of all the places I Visited I very much enjoyed looking around The Museum of Childhood, I have to say I was one of the oldest there being surrounded by school children all pushing front of the glass.
I am very much interested in making art work around toys, so this was perfect for me, a building full of toys of all ages, not only was it lovely looking at the style of toys and the very detailed packaging but also to see the toys which I played with as a child.
The building was well set out with rows and rows on glass boxes filled with toy of all ages, this made me think about how I can move my work on and there ways and ideas of things I could have a go at. Well walking around I found myself looking at packaging and fabrics which are used, I felt that the older toys had a well made look, finished well and been looked after by their owners. Compared to the Morden day toys I felt was easy breakable and had a look which did not apple to me.
Well I was visiting the museum they had a exhibition called “Food Glorious Food” this was showing you the aging of packing of foods how things looked when they first was launched and now. They also had children dressing up out fits around so that children could get involved and enjoy them self. To my disappointment I was unable to get my arms in the sweet corn suit. I felt that the beginning of this exhibition was designed for children, to tell them more about food and where different types of food come from. However I felt that the middle of this little exhibition was more for adults, Giving memory of how things used to me, they showed big changes and also small ones which happed 10 years a go. I found this very interesting at it showed how much detail has been cut from packaging and how colours have been brighten to draw yur eye to a sale.
The thing at that was most upsetting was everything was in glass cabinets and sometimes was hard to see for glare on the glass. However the things they had out for children to play with on the way around was much batted so I do understand why glass in needed to stop little hands. I felt that the museum flowed nicely and everything linked as you moved around. I feel that the museum is a big success and very popular with school trips and also nice to see things you had when growing up and also great for ideas.
I felt this was a great trip for me to take as I am very interested in children’s toys. Showed me there are lots of new things I can do and also different era of toys.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

My work in Selfridgers London,

At the beginning of this month i went down to London to take a look at the gallery's and art exhibitions. However earlier that week i have been  contacted by supermarket Sarah who works with selfridges to make some work to be stocked within the big well know shop Selfridges.
I sewed like mad to get them finished. I designed a set of key rings around the theme London.
I handed them in Monday morning and was contacted that night to say they have been put on the shelf's and thanks very much we will ring you in a week or so, to tell you how they are going.
The biggest shock was the phone call i got on Tuesday to say my things had sold out in a day and could they have some more fast!!
So for the last week i have sewn likes mad and sent them out, I just hope they are successful as the last lot.
Image of some of my Key Rings sold

Working away , Me working away...

I Very enjoyed my trip to London staying with my family, I went to some very interesting places, Like the V&A, the museum of children history and Camden market as well as loads more places.
I Enjoyed my self very much in Camden market getting my hands on hand printed T-shits and other hand made things. I have much likes the setting out of and the way in witch people sell there products. As after uni i am very interested in opening my own shop selling all handmade arty things with a vintage theme.
Banksy Work on Brick Lane

We was all welcomed back on Monday with me being off some time before i fell very behind and have lots of work to do. I have just started the group work and the theme is monster so this weekend been doing loads of research. I am wanting to play around with children book and Illustration.