Saturday, 12 March 2011

My work in Selfridgers London,

At the beginning of this month i went down to London to take a look at the gallery's and art exhibitions. However earlier that week i have been  contacted by supermarket Sarah who works with selfridges to make some work to be stocked within the big well know shop Selfridges.
I sewed like mad to get them finished. I designed a set of key rings around the theme London.
I handed them in Monday morning and was contacted that night to say they have been put on the shelf's and thanks very much we will ring you in a week or so, to tell you how they are going.
The biggest shock was the phone call i got on Tuesday to say my things had sold out in a day and could they have some more fast!!
So for the last week i have sewn likes mad and sent them out, I just hope they are successful as the last lot.
Image of some of my Key Rings sold

Working away , Me working away...

I Very enjoyed my trip to London staying with my family, I went to some very interesting places, Like the V&A, the museum of children history and Camden market as well as loads more places.
I Enjoyed my self very much in Camden market getting my hands on hand printed T-shits and other hand made things. I have much likes the setting out of and the way in witch people sell there products. As after uni i am very interested in opening my own shop selling all handmade arty things with a vintage theme.
Banksy Work on Brick Lane

We was all welcomed back on Monday with me being off some time before i fell very behind and have lots of work to do. I have just started the group work and the theme is monster so this weekend been doing loads of research. I am wanting to play around with children book and Illustration.

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