Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Museum of Childhood

Well in London I went to a numeracy of places, I very much enjoyed myself just socking up the London way of life. Looking in pop up shops or studios of local artist which are living the artist life.
Out of all the places I Visited I very much enjoyed looking around The Museum of Childhood, I have to say I was one of the oldest there being surrounded by school children all pushing front of the glass.
I am very much interested in making art work around toys, so this was perfect for me, a building full of toys of all ages, not only was it lovely looking at the style of toys and the very detailed packaging but also to see the toys which I played with as a child.
The building was well set out with rows and rows on glass boxes filled with toy of all ages, this made me think about how I can move my work on and there ways and ideas of things I could have a go at. Well walking around I found myself looking at packaging and fabrics which are used, I felt that the older toys had a well made look, finished well and been looked after by their owners. Compared to the Morden day toys I felt was easy breakable and had a look which did not apple to me.
Well I was visiting the museum they had a exhibition called “Food Glorious Food” this was showing you the aging of packing of foods how things looked when they first was launched and now. They also had children dressing up out fits around so that children could get involved and enjoy them self. To my disappointment I was unable to get my arms in the sweet corn suit. I felt that the beginning of this exhibition was designed for children, to tell them more about food and where different types of food come from. However I felt that the middle of this little exhibition was more for adults, Giving memory of how things used to me, they showed big changes and also small ones which happed 10 years a go. I found this very interesting at it showed how much detail has been cut from packaging and how colours have been brighten to draw yur eye to a sale.
The thing at that was most upsetting was everything was in glass cabinets and sometimes was hard to see for glare on the glass. However the things they had out for children to play with on the way around was much batted so I do understand why glass in needed to stop little hands. I felt that the museum flowed nicely and everything linked as you moved around. I feel that the museum is a big success and very popular with school trips and also nice to see things you had when growing up and also great for ideas.
I felt this was a great trip for me to take as I am very interested in children’s toys. Showed me there are lots of new things I can do and also different era of toys.

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