Monday, 18 April 2011

Review of “The Reading Room”

I have to say I did enjoy looking around the second years exhibition named the reading room. I even took a look around more than once to soak up lots of different things. I loved the fact that the exhibition had a feel of an old school room, I felt this was the argument of the props which was used such as the tables, chest of draws; it had a very “vintage” feel, which I love.
The first thing I saw was a bear head which reminded me very much of a dear head on a wall in a stately home, the bear was very much up my street, made with different tweed fabrics, which to me linked again the “expensive” look which would be seen within a grand home. The different fabric to me showed texture of skin. I did very much like.
The layout was very interesting in how they had been placed and placed with. I felt that the work went down in sizes and also created lines and rows, everything seemed to flow and linked and a group even though it was all spate work. I felt the placement was interesting for example using bird box, having people to get involved, look closer with looking in to the bird boxes.
The table in the middle of the room I was mostly drawn to, I felt the handmade little books and also the books that had been worked over was very interesting to me, I felt that the images in the little handmade book told story’s in which you can create yourself. I felt the way the images where laced of the paper where interesting they told different stories I felt that just coped and pasted in to the centre of all the pages.
With the handmade little books which I loved there was a book which had been worked over, lighted works which were important to tell other story’s from the original which was a classic well known story.

I felt this work had a very Sara Fanelli fell to it something I am very much interested in and wanting to work this more, this idea of working over books which already exist I think it a great idea. The images used change the story and have a funny side, for example to photo above of the granny.
I felt the second year reading room was fab and can’t wait to see the next one at Dewsbury museum.

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