Friday, 22 April 2011

Whats been going on so far this Easter holidays...

As you know from the last blog, I am trying to get all the work finished to be handed in when we get back after the break.
I am finding this hard as the sun has been shinning so much but it needs to be done. Has been thinking more and more about getting my own vintage style shops.. been looking at lots of new blogs/websites too.
I have fallen in love with one very dotty little business called...... Dots ands Stops
They are fab, It has mad me want my dream more!!!
She makes lots of fab things and also collects vintage furniture which I too collect.
I have even tryed to clean out my art room but finding it very hard to part with things as all m stuff is taking over the house!!
Image of the dots and stops company set up for a show.

I have also very happy to say I have finished half my order and new packaging has been added, which i think make them stand out more.

Above a picture of a finished package keyring :)

well I better leave it there for today as have lots of things to do as you all know
well bye for now...
Rosie xx

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