Monday, 31 January 2011


Image above is of some of my hair slides on my etsy site.

Last summer I started my online Etsy business. ( where I sell my handmade jewellery and other accessory's. In the summer time I pack up my RosieRibbon jewellery and accessory's and sell them in school fair, summer fairs and vintage markets. I am trying to get my stuff out there!...
Using Etsy it has allowed my jewellery to travel around the world, I post a lot of my jewellery to America, which i think is amazing! how people millions of miles away are wearing my handmade things!!!
Today I have sold 3 things which I am very happy about  and got a new fair booked for 2nd April which should go well.
I am wanting to do more of this stuff and trying to incorporate this in my Fine Art For Design work. I have been making travel related jewellery, for example jet2,Ryanair, easy jet necklaces...
I am finding this very interesting as its helping me develop my interests and wanting to make my jewellery stand out to others.

I am very sorry if I talk a lot of rubbish, but please take a look at my etsy shop...

Bye for now


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