Monday, 7 February 2011

Please come back soon Art fairy...

Sadly this week 4 days and 4 month's after my loving grandma died I lost my grandad. This has come as a big and sudden shock, but as he said to us all this is not the end but the beginning of a new start wherever that may be. With all this happening I am finding it very hard making art work. I just feel my Art fairy has gone.
I first started to enjoy art one night when I was taken to my grandma and grandad house to be baby sat.After my grandma had gone to bed my grandad moved over to the sofa and helped me draw the pot dog on the fireplace.
From that day I sketched, painted, sewed  and anything else I could get my self involved with ...
I know my Grandparent was very much pound of me and my work,
I just very much hope my Art fairy comes back soon...

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  1. I can almost see you smile
    In the shadows of my mind,
    Bringing to me the peace
    I have struggled so hard to find.
    I can almost hear your voice
    Telling me "Be not saddened nor afraid,
    Just remember all the good,
    How we loved and laughed and played".

    I can almost feel your touch
    Wiping away my every tear
    As I stand among my shattered dreams
    Letting me know you both are still near.

    I can almost hear you say,
    "One day, you'll be here too.
    Live the life you have before you
    For we will be here, waiting to welcome you".

  2. thanks that was lovely thanks... xx